Indian startup starts virtual phone number service, will not have to share its number - Doosra

Indian startup starts virtual phone number service, will not have to share its number – Doosra

Doosra- This is an app that provides customers virtual phone numbers. That is, you can give Doosra number by not giving your real number to anyone.

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  • Doosra app will give you a virtual phone number, Unwanted calls will be blocked,
  • Doosra number can be given for any telecaller, shop or service

These days it has become necessary to provide a phone number for most of the service. Whether you go to a shopping center or take an online service. You have to give your phone number almost everywhere.

There are many disadvantages to giving a phone number. The first thing is that you will get lots of spam calls. In terms of women’s privacy and safety, giving your phone number for every service is a bit of a waste.

A resident of Hyderabad, Aditya has started a start up named Doosra. Aditya has told that his objective is to protect users from unwanted calls and spam while keeping privacy in mind.

You can get a new virtual number by entering your phone number through the Doosra app. By giving this number to anyone, you will be able to easily avoid spam calls. Because this number will be different from your actual mobile number.

What are the advantages of Doosra number?

Aditya, the founder of this app, says that it can protect your privacy. If you go shopping somewhere, your phone number is asked.

You can give virtual number instead of giving your real phone number there. With this you will get discounts and offers and your own number will not be shared anywhere.

Aditya says that this can be especially helpful for the privacy of women. Because they will not need to give their number for any service or shopping.

Doosra app can manage call…

Doosra app can be downloaded on Android and iPhone. The number of calls to Doosra numbers will be stored in the Doosra app.

Voicemail is also available here. Calls made to the Doosra number are auto blocks. But you can also un-block it by going into settings.

In the event of a call auto block, if anyone calls your Doosra number, then you will tell them to be available, but there will be an option to record voice message here. Voice messages will come directly to your Doosra app and you will be able to listen to it on one tap.

The startup has partnered with Zomato, Swiggy, Ola and many similar companies for the Doosra app. Under this, the calls of these delivery services are not auto blocks and you will be able to pick up the phone for the delivery of food or products.

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How Doosra App Works?

We have spoken to Aditya, the founder and CEO of this startup. They have said that for this they have partnered with telecom companies. Under this, customers are provided with a virtual number.

However, you cannot call anyone with this virtual number. With this number you cannot create an account on any social media or messaging app.

Doosra founder Aditya has said that he has done this to avoid fraud. That is, you will receive calls, voice messages and messages from virtual numbers.

How is the app interface and experience

We have used the Doosra app. The user interface of the app is easy. Can easily block and unblock calls. Calls, voice messages and message options are available in the app.

By opening the app, you can see how many calls have been received, listen to voice messages and see text messages.

In this app, a feature of location based call unblock is also given.

There are two ways to unblock calls. One time based and the other location based. You can unblock all calls for up to 60 minutes based on time.

If you are at a particular location and want all the calls to be unblocked, then you can also do this

To use Doosra service it is necessary to have an Indian SIM

For this service, you must have a SIM of India. OTP will be sent to you after entering your number on the Doosra app or website. After validation, you have to choose the plan.

After choosing the plan, pay and after that you will be given a new number of 10 digital. You can give this number anywhere in the shop, for discount offer or to tele callers.

The founder of the app says that this app will be beneficial for women safety too. Because if women share their number for any delivery service or inquiry, it happens many times that they are harassed by multiple calls.

Subscription service model

It is not a free service and customers have to pay for it. Right now there are 6-month and 12-month plans from which you can choose one.

It will cost Rs 499 for 6 months while you can avail this service for up to one year for Rs 699.

The special thing is that if you want to get a VIP number after subscription, you can do that too, but for this you will have to pay separately. No money has to be paid separately for the normal number.

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