PUBG Mobile’s Upcoming Event Leaked with Mummies, Flying Buildings, More

PUBG Mobile’s Upcoming Event Leaked with Mummies, Flying Buildings, More

PUBG Mobile clients will before long get an opportunity to take on mummies, dust storms, and increasingly legendary beasts as potential subtleties from the up and coming Ancient Secret Event has been spilled. With the fourteenth season expected to hit cell phones soon, this new mode will see PUBG Mobile gamers fight for top level plunders on the Erangel map. Three old structures, with plans taking after antiquated Egyptian engineering, will likewise allegedly be included. To make things all the more fascinating, these structures would before long beginning ascending high noticeable all around.


  • Break recommends testing foes and noteworthy plunders
  • PUBG Mobile update 0.19.0 expected to show up on July 7
  • The Ancient Secret Event will be happened on Erangel map

According to an interactivity video shared on YouTube by Royal Kraken, in the new mode, the game would start like a normal matchup on the Erangel map. Nonetheless, enormous dust storms would before long concealment the screen, prompting the presence of a mammoth sandy figure from inside a tremendous structure. This beast would then assistance emerge three structures which watch straight out of old Egypt.

The genuine fun starts when players land on these new structures, which may spring up anyplace on the guide. These structures would out of nowhere begin flying high once again the world and the main way players can exit securely is with the assistance of parachutes or in the event that they by one way or another figure out how to bounce their way down through the flying structures.

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In the mode, players can likewise go head on against a colossal mummy to win top level weapons and covering. The plunder in these flying structures are additionally expected to be of the most elevated class. Starting at now, it is indistinct whether players will haphazardly generate into this mode.

In an ongoing break, PUBG Mobile player Mr.GHOST GAMING uncovered a trailer for the up and coming Season 14 on his YouTube channel. The trailer indicated a few guide structures, extending from open deserts to emitting volcanoes, alongside Mad Max-motivated vehicles. The video likewise proposes that the up and coming season will be named, “Sparkle the Flame.”

The continuous season is closes on July 12. As per a tweet by PUBG Mobile, the new update, 0.19.0, is relied upon to show up on July 7.

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