Asus ROG Cetra Active Noise Cancelling Earphones Review

Asus ROG Cetra Active Noise Cancelling Earphones Review


Indeed, even with the low-dormancy modes offered by well known remote headphones, nothing beats the precision and timing of classic wires when gaming. This is particularly significant with cell phone gaming; well known titles, for example, PUBG Mobile permit you to utilize sound prompts as much as visuals to remain in front of the opposition. Despite the fact that cell phones, for example, the Asus ROG Phone 3 are centered around the versatile gaming experience, not very many gaming-centered headsets for cell phones can be found.

Moreover, with the 3.5mm earphone jack scarcely highlighting on premium cell phones any longer, gamers are winding up running out of good sound choices. That is the place the Asus ROG Cetra comes in.

Estimated at Rs. 7,699, the Asus ROG Cetra is a wired in-ear headset planned essentially for gaming. It highlights dynamic clamor retraction and USB Type-C availability so it can draw power straightforwardly from the associated source gadget. It works with different gadgets including cell phones, PCs and workstations, and even the Nintendo Switch. In case you’re not kidding about gaming, you may be thinking about this headset as of now. See whether the Asus ROG Cetra is all it professes to be in our audit.


  • The Asus ROG Cetra interfaces with your gadget through a USB Type-C port
  • Dynamic commotion crossing out and surrounding mode function admirably on the headphones
  • The sound is tuned for gaming, and isn’t incredible for music

asus rog cetra review earphone Asus Asus ROG Cetra

The Asus ROG Cetra looks good, and is very easy to use

The Asus ROG Cetra is powered by the source device

While most wired headphones are only an approach to get the sound sign from your cell phone to your ears, the Asus ROG Cetra does more in the middle. There’s dynamic commotion wiping out on this headset, just as enlightening lights on the external housings of the headphones which light up when the Asus ROG Cetra is connected. Both of these capacities draw power from the associated gadget; the Asus ROG Cetra doesn’t have an underlying battery.

The headphones are very huge, and there are a lot of extra ear tips and ear snares remembered for the business bundle to guarantee a solid match. I very preferred the included froth tips, however I found the headphones more agreeable to use without the ear snares. There’s additionally a little convey case and shirt-cut in the case.

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The Asus ROG Cetra has an in-line far off with controls for the dynamic clamor undoing, volume, playback, and call taking care of, and a different amplifier somewhat higher up the link. The headphones, far off, and receiver unit are on the whole plastic, yet look fair and feel very much assembled. There are discrete receivers for dynamic commotion dropping on the headphones, and the link length is 1.25m which is long enough for most use cases. On the off chance that you have a Windows PC, you can introduce the Armory II programming which lets you redo different capacities and settings on the headphones, for example, balance, sound enhancement, different volume levels, and that’s just the beginning.

While the USB Type-C plug for network would propose that the ROG Cetra is intended for use with cell phones, the headset is viable with different gadgets also, including PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, and cell phones. Despite the fact that Asus states that Android gadget similarity is restricted and has recorded just a little small bunch of cell phones on which all highlights are ensured to work, the ROG Cetra worked fine with full usefulness on my OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition, which wasn’t on the rundown.

asus rog cetra review main Asus Asus ROG Cetra

The logos on the ROG Cetra earpieces light up when it’s plugged in

The earphones feature 10.8mm dynamic drivers, a frequency response range of 20-40,000Hz, and an impedance rating of 16Ohms. The earphones are Hi-Res Audio certified, and didn’t require any additional setup when used with a compatible Android smartphone.

Sound tuned for gaming

As was normal, the Asus ROG Cetra has its sound tuned for gaming. While the headset normally sounded best while gaming, it was average for music and calls also. The USB Type-C association and usability with cell phones implied that there was no inertness to stress over, and the headset could be connected and utilized immediately when required without agonizing over battery life or connectors.

I utilized the headphones with an Asus ROG Phone 3 (Review) for quite a bit of my survey, aside from incidental use with an OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition. I tried the headphones with an assortment of games on the ROG Phone 3, including PUBG Mobile, Asphalt Xtreme, and Hitman: Sniper.

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With PUBG Mobile, the Asus ROG Cetra was really in its component. The sound was nitty gritty, boisterous, and sharp; I had the option to get a precise ability to read a compass from strides, gunfire, and airplane flying overhead. The ROG Cetra rushes to respond to developments, and makes an enormous showing of reenacting course notwithstanding having just two sound channels.

Games, for example, Asphalt Xtreme and Hitman: Sniper which depend on the foundation score to set the mind-set would in general lift the volume of the music and some in-game audio effects, however the center components of the sound weren’t lost. Everything from the motor to gunfire and radio gab were clear, and sounded extensively crisper than with most standard wired headphones I’ve utilized. All things considered, there wasn’t as much directional tuning with these bustling soundtracks as I’d have preferred; the ROG Cetra depends on a moderately calm in-game condition (as is found in most shooter games) to appropriately recreate heading.

asus rog cetra review both earphones Asus Asus ROG Cetra

The ear wings can be removed if you prefer a looser fit

Dynamic clamor dropping on the Asus ROG Cetra wasn’t exactly as great as I’ve heard on premium genuine remote headphones, for example, the Sony WF-1000XM3 and Apple AirPods Pro, or even on more moderate remote earphones, for example, the Sony WH-CH710N. Moreover, there’s a lot of link clamor to battle with in case you’re utilizing the ROG Cetra while moving around.

Notwithstanding, it was utilitarian and disposed of the interruptions that normally hinder a gaming meeting. There was a recognizable decrease in foundation sounds, for example, the murmur of my roof fan and AC, or even the overall buzz of being outside. This made gaming and tuning in to music somewhat simpler, however halted far shy of the degree of calm that great dynamic clamor dropping earphones and headphones offer.

In spite of the fact that in-game foundation scores sounded respectable on the Asus ROG Cetra, playing music featured that the headphones aren’t tuned for this. Dolby Atmos sound sounded noteworthy with an unmistakable ability to read a compass, and high-goal sound tracks sounded point by point, yet highs were somewhat deafening and the stifled low-end detracted from the fun of numerous tracks. The ROG Cetra is fine for periodic music tuning in and better than average for calls too, yet is best utilized for gaming.

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asus rog cetra review headset Asus Asus ROG Cetra

USB Type-C connectivity makes the Asus ROG Cetra compatible with a wide range of source devices


In case you’re not kidding about gaming, especially multiplayer gaming, you’ll concur that a wired association is the most ideal approach to hear audio cues that can give you an upper hand. With the 3.5mm jack quickly vanishing from cell phones, the following most ideal alternative is USB Type-C network. The Asus ROG Cetra offers precisely this, sounds extraordinary for games, makes a fine showing of mimicking heading, and has dynamic clamor undoing that is sufficiently practical to make listening somewhat simpler.

Be that as it may, at Rs. 7,699, it’s very somewhat costly, and doesn’t sound generally excellent with music. This is a specialty pair of headphones that gets its center capacity right and is anything but difficult to utilize, however there’s very little else to discuss. The Asus ROG Cetra is a beneficial alternative to consider in case you’re searching for a devoted gaming headset for your cell phone, PC, or Nintendo Switch, yet you could likewise consider a decent pair of genuine remote headphones, for example, the Lypertek Tevi for everything else.

On the other hand, on the off chance that you do have a source gadget with an earphone jack, the ROG Cetra Core is a considerably more moderate choice to consider for gaming. It costs Rs. 3,999 however needs ANC, LED lighting, and PC programming joining.

Price: Rs. 7,699


  • Looks good, easy to use
  • Sound well tuned for gaming
  • Functional noise cancellation
  • Works with lots of devices


  • Doesn’t sound very good with music
  • Expensive for a wired headset

Ratings (Out of 5)

  • Design: 4
  • Performance: 3.5
  • Value for money: 3
  • Overall: 3.5

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Price: Rs.3,999

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