PUBG Mobile Livik Map First Impressions: Monster Truck Madness

PUBG Mobile Livik Map First Impressions: Monster Truck Madness

PUBG Mobile as of late got a significant redesign which incorporated another guide called Livik. This new update carries the game to adaptation number 0.19.0 and carries a couple of new augmentations alongside the new guide. Livik is a ‘Nordic’ style map with frigid landscape and cascades. It is spread out over a 2km x 2km zone and players need to fight it out to be the last one standing. The new guide likewise brings two or three selective weapons, for example, the P90 SMG and the Mk 12 Marksman rifle and another Monster Truck vehicle. We downloaded the most recent update of PUBG Mobile to play the Livik map, and here are our initial introductions.


  • Livik Map was included the most recent update
  • It likewise brings P90 submachine weapon and Mk12 Marksman rifle
  • You can drive a beast truck around in the guide

How to get the Livik map in PUBG mobile?

The Livik map gets added when you update to the most recent rendition of PUBG Mobile, for example update 0.19.0. The Livik map is at present in beta and could be refreshed later on. This new update is accessible on Google Play just as the iOS App Store. On Google Play, the update is 0.93GB in size while the App store has an a lot greater 2.4GB update. After the product update, the Livik Map will show up in the game.

With the new update, the stacking screen has changed and it currently shows a beast truck left in a field of blossoms in the new Livik map. When the game burdens, you’ll see a small menu demonstrating 0.19.0 update as an afterthought. It gives all of you the new increases to the Livik map and furthermore offers 2,888 BP, 100 AG, and a Nightmare Helmet as remunerations for refreshing to the most recent rendition of PUBG Mobile. In the event that you look through this menu, you will spot Livik Adventure which is a lot of difficulties for the new guide. The Livik map is separated into six zones and each zone opens when you play coordinates in this guide. Each zone has its own difficulties and on the off chance that you complete them, you get extra rewards.

So as to play the new guide, you can rapidly choose the Livik map on the left half of the screen. On the other hand, you can tap the catch underneath the beginning catch and snap Classic in the sub-menu. You will be given a choice to pick between various guides with Livik recorded at the top. The guide is still in Beta as of now and has a Beta identification on it. We can anticipate that new components and changes should accompany later updates.

How different is the PUBG Mobile Livik map?

The Livik map is elite to PUBG Mobile, to carry littler matches to the game. This new Livik guide can be depicted as a Nordic guide which, as clarified above, has a mix of blanketed territory, green fields, and cascades. It is a little guide estimating 2 km x 2 km which is little contrasted with different guides in PUBG Mobile. Both the Erangel and Miramar maps are 8 km x 8 km in size, the Vikendi map is 6 km x 6 km and Sanhok is 4 km x 4 km in size. This makes Livik the littlest guide in the game. Since the guide is little, the game just drops 52 players on it. This is around half the same number of players as you’ll experience on different guides. The player thickness is lower subsequently, and the odds of connecting with an adversary in a flash goes down. I incline toward this as it gives a player sufficient opportunity to get weapons.

Spots on the guide, for example, Crabgrass, Midtstein, Gass, and Blomster have a higher number of players landing. This implies the odds of participating in battle in the wake of arriving there are significantly higher. These regions additionally have a decent lot of weapons accessible so you aren’t at a huge impediment in the event that you rush to land. In any case, on the off chance that you are another player I would suggest that you dodge these zones however much as could reasonably be expected.

Something else that is diverse with the Livik map is the time restriction. This guide has a period breaking point of 15 minutes as it were. That is a great deal lower than the various guides in the game and it won’t take long to play a full game. Shorter game time was the fundamental purpose for the Livik map, as the objective of the engineers was to permit individuals to play a full guide in a short time. While playing I was wiped out right off the bat in the initial barely any matches as I continued arriving at the hotspots I referenced previously. Changing my arrival area and playing carefully helped me get to ‘Chicken Dinner’ in around 14 minutes. It was one of the most limited full guide matches I’ve played on PUBG Mobile.

What new items are added in Livik?

There are two weapons included explicitly for this guide: the P90 and Mk12 Marksman Rifle. The P90 is a submachine weapon with a high shooting rate though the Mk12 gives rapid blasts while killing. The designers have additionally included an all-encompassing barrel connection in this guide which can be appended to an expert rifleman, rifle or submachine firearm to expand the scope of the weapon. Since the guide is littler, this should assist players with having a mid-to-long range weapon without explicitly searching for expert marksmen.

pubg livik map p90 mk12 gadgets360 PUBG Mobile Livik Map

The P90 submachine gun and the Mk12 Marksman rifle are two new guns added in the Livik map

The Livik map additionally has a Monster Truck to support you and your crew get to the protected zone rapidly. Its colossal tires should help clear unique territory without any problem. I didn’t figure out how to drive a Monster Truck in the game however I spotted one (and started shooting at it) during a game. The designers have likewise included a couple of inclines in places for you to bounce the beast truck. So on the off chance that you do get one, you can attempt a couple of hops before you dispense with different players.

Does the PUBG Mobile Livik map update matter?

I take a gander at the Livik map as a slick method of playing a full guide in only 15 minutes. I generally discovered Erangel to take more time to wrap up. Livik feels well-suited for a little brief break and it doesn’t overflow past this time.

Have you played Livik yet? Tell us your opinion of it, through the remark.

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